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Giant snakehead fish is called in Thailand as Shado. They're now a native predatory species in Thailand. They can grow up to 15 kilos or 1 meters long. Giant snakehead hunt other fish and frog for survival   Breeding by laying a bunch of egg. Each bunch could make 500-1,000 babies. They are the most aggressive predatory fish in freshwater. Giant snakehead is the horrible killer in the view of other fishe. Early morning and late afternoon Giant snakehead hide themselves for hunting by quiet sitting around shoreline. A sunny day  Giant snakehead may dive into a deepper spot for hunting then back to hide and relax somewhere a weedy shady curving inward shore.



1..Random casting, This action will be used in the morning and late afternoon .Casting lures towards the shoreline. Nothing could tell us where is fish but our sense from our knowledge should guide our idea and create up an image. Giant snakehead should be there.......let try put the lure there.!!...the fishing lure for this action will be topwater lure such as hop frog, popper, buzz baits and pencil lures. But the most popular lure is hop frog or other similar lure which is tie only backward hook because casting towards the shoreline is means casting into a bush and floating weed.

2..Sight casting for Pla Jib, This action will be used during the day.Giant snakehead is rising up for breathing. A little sound from their air snapping and a ripple from their turn will be a pointer. Here they are.. After Giant snakehead rise up they will slowly dive down. Put the fishing lure approximately 2 metre beyond then retrieve thru the ripple.

3.. Chasing fries, This action will be used when Giant snakehead's parents are taking care of their fries. This is a deadly danger period for both parents. They gonna hit everything which is going to harm their babies. Mama will be caugth easily even a first casting or not even 5 times of casting. it will happen if They are haven't experience. Sometime anglers try to catch them for half a day but no bite because They get sore mouth from biting lure one time before. They had learned and remember


Tip & Technic

- Top water lure : After the lure hit water 2 choices for choosing

1 Jerk the rod tip for making an action for lure 1-3 second then pull back

2 Pull back suddenly and jerk sometime during reeling

- Diving lures: After lure hit water. speed reeling at first second for pulling a diver down into max action then slow down

when a top water lure was hit. it's sound could shake your heart . Boom !!bank.!!!! if you feel your arm is pulled. That's the one. Set hook... Double whip immediately.... if you got a strong pulling that's a massive one surely. Do not hesitate to whip for third time . The struggling period isn't very long . Keep in mind.. If you got a hit ( BOOM !!! ) sometime fish doesn't on the hook yet just keep reeling giant snakehead gonna jump along immediately. If fish on.... set hook and..reel.. pull it up to the surface water quickly but do not lift its head up over water because Giant snakehead fish has very tough mouth. The barbed hook may not hook completely. if its head is lifted up over water Giant snakehead will flick and shake off. After you have read this article I'm quite sure. You can lure Giant snakehead in everywhere of the world by yourself because This is the great sense of Professional This article is created from my view & experience only. Not from any magazine

Tight lines

Suvit ( Wit )

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