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Good teacher can improve your fishing skill speedily

Enjoy learning and improvement your fishing skill with our english speaking local instructor. Doesn't matter whoever you are, beginner or expert whether young kid. you will be welcomed to enjoy whole process of real fishing style with us.

Getting start with brief introduction.

Step 1: Warm up, Learn how to cast or to throw fishing bait with fake bait into the spot we want. We believe in our technic that can improve your fishing skill from zero to expert within a few hours. Some expert fishermen also like to do this before getting start because they didn't touch fishing rod for long time already.

Step 2 : Self casting, after learn how to throw with fake bait then throw with real bait. Learn how to loosen up the drag and tighten up the drag to control the fish.

Step 3: Fish on!, after you got a bite. jump to your rod then hold it up. adjust the brake by tighten the drag up.then set hook! Set hook!

Step 4: Landing to shore, Landing big fish will not be too easy in the first time but doing it with our instructor you will find it's easy and fun then you will be able to do whole fishing process yourself.

Please note !

We are a local family fishing guide team that lead by Mr.Suvit and two sons in law namely Ef and Mio.
If Mr.Suvit is unable to lead any fishing trip then either of my two sons in law are able to be of service.
Please observe the business name ' Big game fishing adventure tour ' on either of the guides shirts or our vehicle for transportation. If any person offers to lead the trip without that form of identification then that person is not from our service.

Want to fish with us contact us directly by email or calling.

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